Heathrow Airport And Our Taxi Service

Heathrow Baggage HallHeathrow Airport is one of the most famous airports in the world. If airports had feelings you would have to feel slightly sorry for Gatwick Airport as it seems to always be in the shadow of Heathrow as it were.

There was much controversy over the addition of Terminal 5 to Heathrow a few years ago, but this is just an indicator of the number of people wishing to travel by air to places around the world.

As with all of the terminals at Heathrow, each one is a very busy place and there is much coming and going with frequent arrivals and departures, make sure you are clear about which Heathrow terminal you need to depart from when travelling to board a plane from there.

A large percentage of that traffic comes from around London and particularly from the extreme South East of England, as in Kent and East Sussex.

Airport transfers in Kent are designed to get you from A to airport in as short a time as possible, but obviously as safely as possible.

Now, Kent has many towns and small villages and of course bigger cities such as the very famous and historic Canterbury. All the way down to the very south east of England which incorporates Dover and Folkestone. Dover itself is a port which is deep enough to support cruise ships. While in the north of Kent, you have Dartford and many other places which lead straight into Greater London and then on into the main part of London.

Of course, we’re talking about travelling or transferring people from one of these small villages or larger towns to Heathrow or vice versa and we like to do this in an efficient manner. Over the years we’ve been able to achieve this and many of our clients are happy with our attitude and of course our friendliness. For instance we don’t mind you listening to the radio on the way to the airport; you can choose whatever channel you wish to listen to as long as it makes you feel better about your trip and wherever you are heading to ultimately – be it your summer vacation or holiday getaway for the weekend or a business trip.

Whatever reason you have for taking an airport transfer service to or from Heathrow or any other airport for that instance including Gatwick, Stansted and London and even Luton, you need a service which can get you there at a reasonable rate not just in speed of course but financially wise. This is one of the things where we can be very flexible; we are a small company who cover a large area of Kent and when you want to book with service like us you can be sure you’ll get the best price as we don’t have the large overheads that many of the bigger companies do.

For up to 4 people, you can get a very reasonably priced journey from your starting point in Kent or East Sussex to the busiest airport in the United Kingdom. Heathrow is a destination we are used to going to so use our experience and local knowledge and arrive achieve the first part or last part of your longer trip in a friendly, safe and affordable fashion, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929.