Gatwick Airport And Why Airport Transfers Are A Great Option

Gatwick On The MapSo you can picture yourself in your mind’s eye: care-free travel to your destination, whether it’s the excitement of going on a holiday you’ve been needing for ages, or that business meeting on the continent or further afield that you know you must attend.

Either scenario or any other reason in between needs to feel as stress-free as possible. There was a famous piece of music by Robert Miles called Children, it had a young child in the back of a car, happy and carefree and that’s how we like to picture our clients – not as children (unless they are) but we want you to feel carefree as we take the strain and use our knowledge and experience to transport you to the second busiest airport in the UK.

Built as an aerodrome in the 1930s, Gatwick is situated in West Sussex yet easily within reach of London and indeed it only takes 30 minutes to get to the capital by fast rail link.

It may not be number one, (second only to Heathrow airport), but that doesn’t mean it’s not extremely busy. Not when the company that runs Gatwick itself states that they are near capacity with 45 million passengers a year and it does this all with just one runway!

That’s incredible! That’s around 123000 passengers every single day on average. If you didn’t already know – Gatwick runs 24 hours a day and every day of the year including Christmas. You have to be one incredibly efficient, well-managed airport to pull that off consistently if you have one runway.

People arrive at Gatwick or depart from the airport via different methods of transportation and of course a decent percentage of those people will take the taxi option.

Join over 6.5 million people who travel by taxi to or from Gatwick every year. All of these people know that it’s simply easier to book an airport transfer and have someone else put in the effort to take them to their flight for their holiday, business trip or anything else.

So if you’d like the comfy ride, the experienced driver and the all-round, care-free experience of an airport transfer from or to Gatwick airport, just give us a call on 07798 654640 or the landline number 01233 650767 and we’ll quote you a great price.