Great Price Airport Transfers To Or From Gatwick And Heathrow From A Company Based In Ashford

Tel: ETM Cars on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929

Ashford Executive TaxisAll Aboard Executive Ltd provides airport and cruise transfers to all south-east based airports and cruise ports, the company itself is based in Ashford, Kent which is a nice accessible and central location.

We provide a luxury vehicle to take you safely to your destination, including:

  • Airports (airport transfers/airport taxis to Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted and more)
  • Ferry ports/terminals and docks
  • Train stations
  • Corporate events
  • Private functions (more details below)
  • …and more

With our affordable service, you can be rest assured that we can transport you to your destination at your convenience.

You can just enjoy the ride and forget about all the other details and problems that naturally come with having to drive yourself to your destination:

Firstly, even with the advent of the sat nav, there always seems to be a spread of times when different people in your party arrive.  If you take a form of transport that allows for more passengers, many of you will arrive at the same time and have that extra time together before arriving at your destination.

Secondly, you will feel more tired if you had to drive than you would if you travelled by taxi.  You’ll be able to enjoy yourself more if you’re going to a party or concentrate on more important details and business items if you’re on more of a trip to a corporate event particularly in Kent, Sussex or Greater London/London as they are some of the busiest roads in the UK.

Customer Questions

Q:  What Are Airport Transfers And Are They Necessary In Kent?

A:  Airport transfers are provided by a service, (in this case, us) which transports travellers either from a location such as their home or place of business to an airport or from an airport back to their chosen location. It can also mean the transfer of passengers between two airports if they were to land at one and can more conveniently continue their journey to their ultimate destination by taking a plane from another airport. They are perhaps more necessary in Kent and the south east as many of the busiest roads in the UK can be found there and parking your own car near or at the airport will often be at a premium cost to you.

Q:  How Do I Book An Airport Taxi With You?

A:  You can book an airport taxi simply by calling us on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929, or by using our contact form which you can find here.

Q:  How Much Do You Charge For Airport Transfers?

A:  We charge a very competitive fee based on different factors such as distance and destination etc, so we will give you a bespoke quote.

Q:  If I Have Just Landed At The Airport, How Will I Know You’ll Be There To Transfer Me?

A:  We monitor flights and ask people to text or call once they have landed and got their luggage so the time to pick up is as efficient as possible.

Q:  I Left Something Of Mine In Your Car, What Do I Do Now?

A: Firstly, don’t worry; if it’s in one of our cars we’ll track it down and return it to you. All you need to do is call us on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929 or use our contact form here and let us know what to look for and then we can arrange with you the method of its return.

Private functions benefit from the luxurious side of private hire and Ashford taxis:

Those involved in the organisation of private functions, leisure or business oriented, will be able to continue their conversations and discussions in our luxurious E-Class Mercedes.

There is a charging outlet for your mobile phone inside the vehicle, should you need it and plenty of luggage space for corporate and holiday luggage.  Your driver will help you with your luggage and with any questions or requirements you may have.

Booking your journey with us is as simple as picking up the phone and calling us on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929.  You can also email us here or use our contact page.

Regular journeys for our customers and clients include:

  • Travelling from home to airports such as Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick and vice versa
  • Ashford International Station (particularly for Eurostar)

Be transported by one of the more luxurious airport car companies based in Ashford (at great rates):

If you would like to travel in a spacious, comfortable vehicle to your chosen destination for business or pleasure, please don’t hesitate to call ETM Cars on 01233 629 551 or 01227 730 929 to book and be transported in comfort and safety to your destination.